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India is calling on the global community to provide guidance in crafting regulations for cryptocurrencies. The government has announced a plan to develop regulatory rules for cryptos in the near future.

India Invites Global Crypto Regulation Input

The Indian government is asking for input from the international community as it seeks to develop appropriate regulations for cryptocurrencies. India’s Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Anurag Singh Thakur, has sent out a request for feedback, stating that “the government of India is looking for suggestions on the [crypto] draft guidelines from countries and regulators from across the world.”

The Indian government has formed a committee to study cryptocurrencies and develop regulatory guidelines. The committee is headed by the Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs. Its mandate is to assess the current crypto landscape and propose laws and regulations to protect investors and prevent money laundering and other criminal activities.

The committee is also responsible for developing rules and regulations for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies within India, as well as the taxation of crypto assets. In addition, the committee is tasked with preparing a framework for the development of a crypto industry in India, as well as making recommendations on the financial implications of the new regulations.

Government Plans to Develop Crypto Rules

The government plans to develop a comprehensive set of crypto regulations that will take into account the global situation. This is in line with the global trend for unified crypto regulations, where countries are looking to develop common rules and regulations for digital currencies.

The government has also established a Crypto Assets Management Board (CAMB) to review the existing regulations and make recommendations on new rules. According to the government, the CAMB will “provide industry-friendly and investor-friendly regulations to facilitate the growth of the digital currency market in India.”

The government is also looking to develop a framework for the effective supervision of crypto activities. This includes setting up mechanisms for monitoring digital asset transactions, controlling access to crypto assets, and protecting investors from fraud and other illegal activities. The government also plans to create a mechanism for the monitoring of the crypto industry and its players, as well as the enforcement of any regulations that are created.

India is taking a proactive approach to the regulation of cryptocurrencies, and is inviting global input to ensure that its regulatory framework is both effective and in tune with the global trend. The government hopes that by taking this approach, they will be able to develop a regulatory framework that benefits both investors and the crypto industry in the long run.