Pick n Pay

South African retail giant Pick n Pay recently announced they will be providing customers with an easier way to pay with cryptocurrency.

Pick n Pay Adds Bitcoin Payments

Pick n Pay, the South African retail giant, has become the first retail store to implement Bitcoin payments in the country. The company recently announced that customers will now be able to pay for their purchases using the increasingly popular cryptocurrency.

The move marks a major step forward in the world of cryptocurrency payments. Pick n Pay had been experimenting with cryptocurrency payments since 2014, and now customers can finally use Bitcoin at the store. Customers can now buy products with Bitcoin, making the payment process for digital coins much simpler.

The retail store has partnered with local payment processor, Electrum to make the implementation of Bitcoin payments possible. Electrum is providing the necessary infrastructure and support to make the payments run smoothly.

Easier Crypto Payments for Customers

Pick n Pay’s move to add Bitcoin payments is a major step forward for the cryptocurrency ecosystem in South Africa. The company’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments will make it easier for customers to purchase products with digital coins.

The company’s partnership with Electrum will provide customers with a secure and reliable way to pay for their purchases. Electrum’s technology will also make the transaction process much faster, allowing customers to quickly and easily complete their purchases.

The addition of Bitcoin payments at Pick n Pay is sure to be welcomed by many in the cryptocurrency community. With the ability to easily pay for products with digital coins, customers now have a more convenient way to shop for their everyday needs.